New Zealand

Australia has just been released and it's centered on Australian artist Jordan Millar. In the end of the webisode we see New Zealand artist Bianca Pedrotti lending her voice to Jordans song. On Tuesday, August 18th we will be releasing the New Zealand artist Bianca Pedrotti, performing her original song with a guest appearance from Minnie Birch of London, England.

These episodes take quite a bit of time to prepare as we (Joe Orlando and myself) do them completely independently for the joy of it. We edit them, narrate them, compose and record the soundtracks etc.. but we are determined to release a new episode every 2 weeks and some bonus material in between those gaps.



- Mike



Editing Process

2 Episodes are online now and we are close to finishing Australia. As a performing musician in Canada, this is the busiest time of year but I manage to have Wednesday nights off. On these nights I will be locking myself in an editing room with my cousin Joe Orlando and we will do our best to have all 10 episodes released throughout the summer. A lot of the visual themes we are developing come from these nights, and from Joes creative eye. In the field, I didn't always get everything I wanted to capture but that's the nature of something as crazy as this, and Joe does wonders with whatever I give him. 

Cheers and love from Canada!

- Mike 


Back in North America

As with many things I've done involving music (releasing EP's, organizing studio sessions) the timeline of this project has not been perfect but it's been an amazing experience. I'm back on Canadian soil and will be releasing a video from a new country each week. The hunt is also on now for a NYC artist.


The Berlin Sessions

Eva Croissant is the artist for Berlin. She was tasked with not only performing her own song (in German) in front of the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) but also singing harmonies in Dutch for Josephine Zwaan in front of various graffiti sections of the Berlin Wall. 


The seventh European city is proving to be a haven for musical talent. As I sat in Mauer Park yesterday I was overwhelmed by the soundscape. Artists from all parts of the world gather in this city to sing their respective hearts out in front of astonishingly attentive audiences. Whether it be the haunting voice of a folk artist from South Africa, an acoustic quartet from Wales or the lively uptempo numbers coming from a marching band a few hundred metres away, this city is alive.