Barcelona - the unplanned

I suppose I themed this project around connection and now that is manifesting in ways I hadn't  imagined. On my bus from France to Spain, the randomness of chance had me sat next to a girl who lives in Barcelona. What began as the common casual banter quickly evolved and we became fast friends. She has now become my guide to this beautiful city and my translator when approaching spanish musicians to be involved in this series.... Oh, and a great drinking partner. 


Cheers from Barcelona, 


Meeting Alma Forrer

I spent the day traipsing around Paris in the rain looking for the ideal spot to film a performance with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. I then took refuge in a cafe until getting word from Alma Forrer. I headed to meet her,  with a compact recording studio stuffed into my backpack. Just as I was getting off the Metro, a small, but important piece of equipment dropped and rolled onto the subway tracks. As I leered over the edge in search of it, everyone looked at me as If I was contemplating jumping. Rather than trying my hand at an explanation in broken french, I submitted and headed to a camera shop for a replacement.

An hour later I made it to republique station and saw Alma running to greet me. We spent the next several hours working on vocal lines for the Scottish and English artists in the series and it was such a great day. It's quite surreal to have sent emails to these European musicians, inquiring if they'd be interested in this crazy project of mine, to then, only weeks later, be sat in an apartment in Paris, arranging harmonies between them. Alma has such a captivating voice. Below is one of her songs. I implore anyone who stumbles upon this blog to check out her music!